06 February 2009

Cheap Date Ideas

Visit a museum or art gallery or show, especially a free one. Bring your own lunch, eat outside if weather permits.

Pick out two movie DVD's, pop a huge bowl of corn and get some soda so that you can spend all night cuddled up on the couch without spending a dime.

Invite your chocoholic friends over for a poker game. Admission is one unopened bag of Hershey's Kisses (to make sure everyone brings fresh ones). Once everyone is there, open your bags and each candy is a poker chip.

Go for a scenic drive through the mountains, along the beach, across farm land. See the leaves change, look at Christmas lights, watch the first spring flowers.

Visit a Saturn dealership on a Saturday. Most have free barbeques going - hamburgers, hot dogs and/or chicken plus chips and soda. All free. Call ahead to confirm the one you've chosen is having a cookout and what time they start up the grill. Then look at cars and have a free lunch.

Drive to an unusual or historic town you've never been to and walk around, visit the old section, pop into quaint little shops. My picks - Solvang and Santa Barbara in California, Peddler's Village and New Hope in Pennsylvania.

If it is nice out, spread out a blanket and look for stars. Bring a map of constellations to help you identify what you are looking at. Check online to see when special events occur such as comets or meteor showers. Get away from city lights.

Visit open houses in a wealthy neighborhood, even the new constructions. Have fun looking at the opulent and extravagant houses and steal their decor ideas.

Go swimming in a lake, river or the ocean. Don't forget the picnic lunch and music for afterward!

Go people watching at the mall. In advance, make up a list of unusual things and compete to see who sees more mohawks, fashion faux pas, age groups, crying babies etc...

Go to a playground and try out the swings and the merry go round. Perfect opportunity for a picnic lunch and kite flying.

Watch the sunrise or sunset together. See if you can be at the beach or on a mountaintop or somewhere the sun touches the natural horizon (not buildings). Bring your cameras. Breakfast on the beach is awesome! Bring some fruit, bagels and a thermos of coffee.

Visit a public garden, botanical garden, or even a very well stocked nursery. Bring your cameras and take lots of pictures of flowers and butterflies.

Visit an old cemetery and do grave rubbings. Visit the one that has your own relatives, too.

Go for a bike ride or rollerblading together. Go kite flying.

Go fishing. Kiss each fish before you throw it back! A great camera opportunity.

Go to the pet store and look at the dogs and cats together. Some PetSmart stores have cats and dogs from local shelters displayed on Saturdays. Give them some of your lovin'.

Arrange a group potluck date where each couple brings a dish they prepared together. Meet at someone's home, the beach, a park.

Take your date on a tour of your hometown. Show where you lived, pop in and say "hi" to neighbors, swing by your schools.

If it is snowing, have a snowball fight, build perverted or comical snow people and critters, go sledding.

Find a puzzle that you really like, put it together and then use puzzle glue so you can keep it!

Take your boom box somewhere and dance! Visit a beautiful place like a park or botanical garden. Invite friends to come along. Slow romantic music and faster tempo ones, too!


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