07 December 2008

Earn Cash for Your Writing - poems, stories, articles, ads

If you are into poetry (traditional and free verse), Strongverse pays $10. See http://www.strongverse.org/submitform.html for their submission form.

Thanks to MadameX, a community member of Blog Catalog, here is a link to a long list of places that pay for non-fiction writing:

A good, comprehensive listing of online magazines is at Every Writers Resource:

Write miscellaneous articles, usually promoting products, on your blog for Snapbomb
http://www.snapbomb.com/ or for Blogvertise http://www.blogvertise.com/. You'll earn cents to dollars, depending upon the project. The age of your blog and higher traffic can up the payout.

For traditional publications, visit Writer's Market (you can also buy their huge reference book at the bookstore) at
http://www.writersmarket.com/. You can get a monthly, annual or biennial subscription. Your first 30 days are free and you can cancel during that time. The annual cost is about the same as what it costs to buy the book that comes out every year. They list publishers, addresses, contact names, what each publisher is looking for and requirements.

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