08 January 2009

High Paying Adsense Words - Attorney/Legal & Insurance Words

Your blog content will determine what kind of ads you receive from Adsense. Some of these ads pay you by the click and some pay you just for showing up on your blog. The advertisers themselves compete financially to be on your blog...they pay different amounts.

The following list of words are what some of the higher-paying companies are looking for in a blog. If any of these words can fit your blog in a natural way, then write an article and make sure you use your chosen words and tag them.

I have written several lists, each with a theme for the words so make it a little easier for you to find words that fit your theme.

See http://pinstripedpjs.blogspot.com/2009/01/high-paying-adsense-words-health-words.html#links for words that have to do with the body and health.

Click on http://pinstripedpjs.blogspot.com/2009/01/high-paying-adsense-words.html#links for words that have to do with computers/technology/software/internet.

For money, finance and banking words, check out http://pinstripedpjs.blogspot.com/2009/01/high-paying-adsense-words-money-words.html#links.

This list is for attorney/legal and insurance words:

lawyer attorney in las vegas
lemon law wisconsin
lemon law ohio
temporary medical insurance
lemon law illinois
personal injury solicitor attorney
car accident lawyer attorney
lemon law california
criminal attorney orlando
vioxx lawsuit
compare life assurance insurance
criminal defense lawyer attorney
federal criminal defense attorney lawyer
fortis health insurance temporary
personal injury lawyer attorney miami
life insurance quotes
lemon law
dui lawyer attorney san diego
lemon law indiana
los angeles criminal defense
class action lawsuit vioxx
term life assurance insurance
celebrex lawyer attorney
lemon law attorney
personal injury lawyer attorney new york
auto insurance quotes
lemon law georgia
structured settlement
vioxx attorney
car auto accident lawyer attorney
investment fraud
asbestos lawyer attorney
criminal attorney
tax attorney
medical malpractice lawyer attorney
california divorce lawyer attorney
term life
mesothelioma attorney lawyer lawsuit
car auto insurance quotes
austin dwi dui
austin dwi dui attorney
term life insurance quote
insurance car
life insurance quote online
cash settlement
life quote
www mesothelioma
instant insurance quote
san diego dui
accident and sickness insurance


BoyD said...

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SolReka - alternative energy | solar cookers said...

Interesting post on SEO.

The best thing to do with SEO keywords is to target the lower ranked keywords first. Then build keyword niche from these.

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