30 January 2009

Use Less Gasoline and Save Money!

Stop doing jackrabbit starts. Proceed slowly and gently. Let the weight of your foot push down on the accelerator rather than using your muscles. Drive like you're in no hurry. Sudden starts ruin fuel economy.

Slow down. Besides avoiding speeding tickets, slowing down from 65 to 55mph can squeeze out an extra few miles per gallon.

Come to gentle stops. Take your foot off the accelerator and glide awhile before having to use the brakes. The stops should be gentle, not hard.

You will find that you will feel more relaxed after a week of practicing the above hints.

Lighter weight cars get better gas mileage. Don't use your car as a storage bin. Get rid of the weight.

Don't waste time and gas on unnecessary trips. Combine two or more errands into one loop rather than separate trips. Make sure your stores are open. Make sure you know where you are going. I live by Mapquest. My husband lives by his GPS.

Carpool with a friend or neighbor to the grocery store, work or school. Take turns.

Don't work your airconditioner so hard. Do things to help lighten it's workload. Windshield reflectors will keep the inside temperature down while your car is parked. Towels thrown over the dash, seats and steering wheel will protect them from absorbing heat. Regularly replace the AC air filter. A clogged filter increases the load on your system and thus your fuel efficiency.

Get regular tune-ups, oil changes and tire rotations. Make sure your tires are properly inflated. All affect how much gas your car eats up. Taking care of tires maximizes their life, too.

Solar Electric Vehicles manufactures solar panel systems that can be installed on the roof of your hybrid. Gathering sunlight and converting it into electricity, the panel lets a hybrid run for up to 20 miles per day in pure electric mode, netting a purported 29 percent increase in fuel economy.

If you already own a hybrid vehicle, conversion kits are available that add a battery pack and some extra computing power and can be plugged into a home socket. Fully charged, they will run on electric power alone for up to 40 miles.

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