04 January 2009

High Paying Adsense Words - Health Words

If you want to monetize your blog, blog for pay, one strategy is to know which words attract the higher paying advertisers and write articles that include some of these words.

My master list of high-paying Adsense words is very long so I have broken it down into catagories.

Find words from these lists that fit the theme of your blog, write an article and try to use your words in the title, text and labels/tag words. If you gather lots of words, break it up into several articles, instead of one super long one. A combination of high traffic and words that attract higher-paying advertizers should increase your Adsense earnings. Remember to write quality articles and write once a week if not every few days.

See http://pinstripedpjs.blogspot.com/2009/01/high-paying-adsense-words.html#links for words related to computers/technology/internet/software.

Visit http://pinstripedpjs.blogspot.com/2009/01/high-paying-adsense-words-attorneylegal.html#links for insurance and attorney words.

For money, finance and banking words, check out http://pinstripedpjs.blogspot.com/2009/01/high-paying-adsense-words-money-words.html#links

Listed below are words that have to do with the body and health:

first aid kits
home air purifiers
home sauna
laser hair removal
hair removal washington dc
hair lazer removal virginia
peritoneal mesothelioma
mesothelioma information
insurance medical temporary
mesothelioma symptoms
los angeles drug rehab
personal injury
hair laser removal chicago
laser hair removal maryland
vioxx lawsuit
compare life assurance
laser hair removal manhattan
fortis health insurance temporary
malignant mesothelioma
primary pulmonary hypertension
life insurance quotes
symptoms of mesothelioma
laser hair removal new york city
class action lawsuit vioxx
term life assurance
celebrex lawyer
vasectomy reversal
drug rehab
cord blood
cerebral palsy
medical malpractice
gastric bypass
lower cholesterol
contact lenses
dna testing
drug test
hair loss
lasik vision institute
mesothelioma diagnosis
lasik dallas

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