20 January 2009

Get Paid to Answer Online Surveys

I am a member of American Consumer Opinion which is a company that pays you to complete online surveys. They are members of the Better Business Bureau Online.

Every now and then ACO will email me some questions to see if I qualify to do one of their surveys. Sometimes they'll send me a very short survey without any screening. By answering the short survey or screening questions, my name is entered into their monthly drawing for $10,000.

The questions are usually about the products I buy, shopping habits, where I eat out, and, once, it was about pest control.

If I qualify for a longer survey, ACO will email me a list of questions which takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete and I get paid, usually $5 to $10. A check is mailed to me.

If you are interested in doing this, too, click on the link below and get signed up. Your emails will be from Anne Parks - remember the name so you don't accidentally delete her email to you - it's not junk mail.


Good luck to you!


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ruthleen said...

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